Our innovative holistic program

The balance2life Group is dedicated to making positive changes to peoples lives. With well over two decades of experience our dedicated team work closely with organisations to achieve real work life solutions and offer a wider range of holistic and innovative services.

Balance2life's mission is to help organisations craft amazing employee experiences and exceptionally strong cultures. 

With an amazing product and an awesome team we are bringing together culture, wellbeing, engagement and trust – with the experiences and moments that define people’s lives. After creating an organisation that broke the mould for working Australian families we have taken things to a new level with balance2life. Placing a strong emphasis on engaging with the whole person we are changing the conversation from commencing another program to starting a movement. 

We have successfully developed solutions that are flexible and adaptable, adding new initiatives to keep ahead and provide results as the pace of change within the workplace accelerates. Through listening to our members and clients we have learnt exactly what works and why. 

We have analysed our data, applied design thinking principals to “break” and then re-imagine solutions that have enabled us to create innovative solutions that deliver an engaging experience for our members.

Our purpose is simple, we are passionate about helping people balance their personal and work commitments and prioritise health and wellbeing. Research suggests having a well balanced and healthy workforce is key to being a successful organisation. At balance2life its not about us its about you.

Giving Back

balance2life is affiliated with various foundations and charities. The path to wellness includes giving back to people in our community and assisting with worthwhile causes.

By working with balance2life you are helping us help others through our charity support. We are committed to supporting as many worthwhile causes as possible and encourage our clients to suggest causes they are most passionate about. 

Blank Canvas Investments

balance2life is also a supporter of Blank Canvas Investments. Blank Canvas Investments was started by the directors of balance2life due to their passion and desire to assist and attract women in business. 

As women who have set up and run successful companies we understand the need to balance work and family life. Our aim is to invest in our community by mentoring and empowering women to achieve their own personal and business goals. 

In a study conducted by the World Economic Forum Australia ranked first in female eduction attainment, but 52nd when it came to labour force participation among women. This is something that we believe has to change. By supporting women in business and lifting the number of women in the workforce we are adding immense value to our communities businesses and economy.

For more information go to www.blankcanvasinvestments.com.au

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