Knowledge is inspirational but useless without action

Have you ever horrified yourself with your inability to apply what you know you should do to what you actually do? Welcome to the knowing/doing gap.


2020 – Back to Basics and Shared Responsibilities

The last decade has seen a huge rise in the wellness industry with many trends emerging, some good, some not so good and some downright bizarre.


The Enviable Workspace – Design your workspace for maximum productivity

We think this quote by Alexander Den Heijer sums up how important your physical environment is perfectly "When a flower doesn't bloom you fix the environment in which it grows. Not the flower”


Boring Self-Help Tips That Really Work

If you’re social media looks anything like mine you are no doubt inundated with posts and information around a large number of self-help methods or practices that you can incorporate into your life to improve your personal or professional outcomes.


The Importance of Including Employees Families and Social Networks in Your Wellbeing Initiatives?

For many of your employees, their very close friends and family members are likely to be the most important people in their lives and the ones with whom they spend the most time. But, are you leveraging these valuable resources with your wellness communication messages?


Switch off to Reconnect this Earth Hour

This Saturday, 30 March at 8.30PM local time, is Earth Hour where hundreds of millions of people around the world in more than 7,000 cities and over 180 countries will take part by turning the lights out and power off as a symbolic show of solidarity toward this important conservation cause.


The Power of Positive Psychology

Often when we consider matters of the mind we look at what we are doing wrong in terms of our thinking rather than improving or enhancing what we may already be doing right.


The Power of Micro-Breaks

One of my colleagues recently asked me to join her for a quick coffee run and I gave my usual response of “no but can you grab a latte for me”. She asked me why I take so few breaks throughout the day and reminded me that we do promote for wellbeing for a living.


Spring into Wellness

Spring has finally sprung so check out these top 6 delicous and nutrient packed superfoods that are in season now. 


The Paradox of the Corporate Employee: How to be Highly Engaged and Avoid Burnout

Having made a sea change a number of years ago it has been a while since I have been reminded of the years I spent in the corporate sector where I would work extremely long hours across the completion of complex projects.


Surviving the School Holidays

If you're wondering how awesome my recent “break” was let me tell you this, I’m a mum, it was school holidays and my son found his recorder! 


10 Signs You Have A 'Work Wife'

It’s common knowledge that having a bestie at work can make you more engaged, happier and more productive. This comes as no surprise since it’s fundamental to the human condition to crave belonging and acceptance, along with someone to complain about your boss to without fear of appraisals..


Hanging with my Healthy Friend

Recent research has shown that we’re more affected by our environment than we think. Workplaces could take a leaf out of my healthy friend's book when it comes to influencing their employees..


B2L Q&A with Freedom Foods' Sonja Kukuljan

Sonja Kukuljan, dietician at Freedom Foods Group gives us the lowdown on maintaining a balanced diet alongside your full time job and why we should be eating fresh and unrefined at work.


3 Very Different Weight Loss Journeys

Every popular diet comes with personal stories of people's weight loss journeys and they all manage to get to the same end goal in very different ways. Here are some completely contrasting weight loss accounts from people in the B2L team.


6 Common Sleep Disorders

Many sleep issues can be helped greatly by practicing better sleep hygiene and utilising tools like mindfulness and herbal teas, however more serious sleep disorders will require a more comprehensive treatment.


B2L Q&A with Kundalini Yogi, Adette Kagan

We sat down with our resident Kundalini Yoga instructor, Adette and asked her to demystify Kundalini and explain why it's trending.


Taking A Small Group Approach to Big Employee Populations

The paths for starting an employee wellness strategy are many and varied. There is no ‘one-size fits all’ solution, however it all starts at the same place: with a plan.

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