Taking A Small Group Approach to Big Employee Populations

The paths for starting an employee wellness strategy are many and varied. There is no ‘one-size fits all’ solution, however it all starts at the same place: with a plan.


A Good Gig

The rise in digital platforms, as well as improved connectivity and a shift to the cloud, have laid the foundation for the gig economy. But what does this new way of working mean for employers?


Active things to do in Winter

It might be tempting to curl up with your Stan subscription and get through the next few weeks, but in the interest of balance, here..


Lessons on employee engagement from my son's Pre-School teacher

I recently attended an information evening at my son's pre-school. As I sat and listened to the advice, I was surprised at just how much what I was hearing pertained to our work at balance2life.


Taking Time for Your Brain

When it comes to what's considered appropriate cause for a sick day, we've observed a pretty notable absence.


Top Tips From A Meal-Prep Pro

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring; planning meals you really enjoy is key. B2L's Jody shares her top 5 meal-prep tips.


Millennials and the future of work

Millennials are coming and with them they will bring unprecedented change. We interviewed a handful of Millennials currently in the workforce to get some insight.


How ditching health lead to better wellbeing

I didn't expect my journey to Balance would mean ditching some of my healthy habits to regain get some much needed equilibrium back into my life.


Mental Health Series- A whole person approach to a mentally healthy workplace

Whole person wellbeing and the pursuit of equality for people with mental illnesses is what we are passionate about.

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