Uncovering the MomentsThatMatter

Powerfully engaging, interactive and flexible, balance2life smarthub offers unrivalled engagement solutions suitable for organisations of any size and sector.

Our mission is to humanise the workplace through amazing employee experiences and exceptionally strong cultures so people can bring their best selves to work and home each day. Using a proprietary method that combines feedback, storytelling, micro-actions and cutting edge technologies our novel approach engages with the hearts and minds of your people in a way that challenges them to be better. This unique solution brings together culture, wellbeing, engagement and trust – with the experiences and moments that define people’s lives in work and at home.

At Balance2life we're not following trends we're setting them and with MomentsThatMatter we fully intend on changing the conversation from starting another program to starting a movement.

Moving from the classic program model to a movement based model places a higher emphasis on intrinsic motivation, encourages a more collaborative approach and focuses on building a flourishing culture. 

In order to deliver the perfect user experience that seamlessly fits into the flow of work the Smarthub can be:

  • White labelled
  • Accessed via SAML Single Sign On
  • Integrated into your internal channels
  • Accessed from any device  

Coaching support for work and life

Utilising Balance Break predictive technologies our Smart Coach is an easy to access virtual coach that is delivered via short personalised micro-learnings that aim to educate and inspire across a variety of topics. 

Our smart coach covers a range of expert generated topics that offer practical tips, and information, combined with curated pulse questions that power a predictive engine to enable hyper-personalised content to be delivered to the end user as well as rich insights to the business. 

Housed on our mobile responsive, white labelled hub the Smart Coach includes:

  • short informative videos, quizzes and articles

  • a personalised and predictive mapping tool

  • online social connections (chatboards and specialty forums) 

  • user generated digital marketplace

  • online calculators and integrated tools

  • dedicated managers hub housing engaging communications, templates, resources and information

  • employer access to a real time data and analytics dashboard that includes a series of customisable reports 

Access a variety of topics from anywhere and at anytime 


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