Craft the ultimate employee experience

Provide your people with a daily dose of motivation while gaining unmatched data and actionable insights.

Employers use our BALANCE Breaks program to leverage the relationship between health and wellbeing, employee engagement and critical business metrics. The BALANCE Breaks program uses predictive technology and insights to target different workforce functions with suitable program content and deployment. 

By applying evidenece based principals from psychology, social science and design thinking we create an engaging program that delivers interesting and rewarding content for the employee as well as genuine real time insights for employers.

The Balance Break program articulates helpful direction that:

  • Collects proactive insights on your people without survey burnout
  • Provides a unique employee experience where individuals gain a snapshot of themselves and how they compare with the group
  • Offers real time visibility whilst respecting and protecting the privacy of indivual employees
  • A scalable, mobile solution for work forces of any size and function
  • Powered by an AI engine that accurately predicts areas for improvement and opportunities for engagement 
  • Password protected Manager Hub housing resources, connections, training and support 
  • Solicits frequent feedback through a trusted and easy to implement framework
  • Provides employees with individualised holistic solutions that assit them to reach their full potential 

Coaching support for work and life

Utilising Balance Break predictive technologies our Smart Coach is an easy to access coaching program that is delivered via a short personalised daily break that aims to educate and inspire across a variety of topics. 

Our smart coach covers a range of expert generated topics that offer practical tips, and information, combined with curated pulse questions that power a predictive engine that delivers the employee personalised solutions and rich insights to the business. 

Housed on our comprehensive mobile responsive, co-branded digital hub the program includes:

  • Short informative videos, quizzes and articles

  • A personalised and predictive mapping tool

  • Online social connections (chatboards and specialty forums) 

  • User generated digital marketplace

  • Health and wellbeing directory

  • Online calculators and integrated tools

  • Dedicated managers hub housing engaging communications, templates, resources and information

  • BALANCE Challenge - fun challenge using game mechanics

  • Employer access to a real time data and analytics dashboard that includes a series of customisable reports 

Access a variety of topics from anywhere and at anytime 


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