Will Balance2life run on any operating system?

Yes Balance2life is designed to run on any operating system. 

Can I use Balance2life on a mobile device?

Yes Balance2life can be used on your mobile device. We don’t have a specific mobile version as our website has been built to be mobile friendly. 

I cant work out how to do something in Balance2life, what should I do?

Contact one of our friendly customer service consultants by email or phone and they can assist you with whatever your problem is. 

How to I create an account?

From our main public website www.balance2life.com.au find the join now button. From here you need to enter the required information to create your account. You will be allocated a temporary password which you will be prompted to change as soon as you log into the site. 

Can my family members have an account?

Yes you can register another log in for one other family member. This member will be linked to your account with you being the primary user. 


What if I want to change or cancel my family members account?

As the primary user you have control over your family members account and can therefore change this and or cancel it. 

What if I forget my password?

When you log in you will notice a forgot password link. Click on this and you can reset your password at any time. 

How do I subscribe to the newsletter?

When you sign up to Balance2life you are automatically signed up for a subscription to our newsletters and promotional material. You can unsubscribe by going into your user settings and choosing this option. 

How do I manage my account settings?

When you are logged into your account you will notice that there is a widget on the left hand side of the main homepage where you go to view and change your user settings. By clicking on this you can view, update and customise your user settings. 

How do I buy an offer on the marketplace?

The deals advertised in the marketplace have a buy now option. When you click on this you go to a page that contains information on how to pay and how to get your voucher code for the deal.

Where do I make payment on the marketplace?

Payment is made to Balance2life through our secure payment gateway.  

How to I make payment for a referral service?

Payment is made to Balance2life through our secure payment gateway.  

What do I do if I have a problem with a purchase made on the marketplace?


Balance2life does not employ or indorse any of the suppliers that adverstise and sell deals in our marketplace. If you have an issue with any of the purchases you have made you need to direct this to the supplier. We do however encourage members to report any issues to the Balance2life customer service team so that we can monitor suppliers and their services. This will assist us to have high quality suppliers advertising on our marketplace. 

My password isn’t working, what should I do?


Firstly, remember that passwords are case sensitive so make sure you don’t have the caps lock accidently on. 

You can also try resetting your password through the forgot password link at log in. If this doesn’t work contact one of our customer service operators and they will assist you in fixing this problem.  

How do I refer Balance2life to others?

Balance2life is only available to employers of participating companies. If you know someone who is interested have them or their employer contact us for a free demonstration of our services and to get more information. No organization is too small.  


Id like to give some general feedback about the Balance2life services, how do I do this? 

Contact one of our friendly customer service consultants and you can leave feedback either over the phone or via email. Balance2life is a service designed to assist you so feedback is encouraged, valued and always acted upon. 

Id like to make a suggestion to Balance2life for improvement, how do I do this?

Contact one of our friendly customer service consultants and you can leave feedback either over the phone or via email. Balance2life is a service designed to assist you so feedback is encouraged, valued and always acted upon. 

Where can I read your terms and conditions and privacy policy?

You will find our terms and conditions at the very bottom of every page on our website. These can be updated from time to time so we encourage you to regularly check them. We always display the date of the last time the policies were updated so you know if any changes have been made. 

How do I unsubscribe?

To unsubscribe contact one of our customer service consultants and they will deactivate your account for you. 

Can I continue to use Balance2life if my employment with my current employer ceases?

No, you only have access to Balance2life services if your current employer is a participating partner. It is a breech of our terms and conditions for you to access Balance2life if you are no longer employed by a participating organization.  If you do change employment we encourage you to speak to your new employer about Balance2life membership. 

What is a sharing profile?

A sharing profile is required if you want to use the sharing services. In order to look for someone to share a service with you need to log into your member account and set up a sharing profile. 

You can have as many sharing profiles as you like depending on how many services you are looking to share. 

To set up a sharing profile go to your account settings and click on sharing profiles. From here you complete the information fields which include a description of the service you wish to share, category of the service, the location of where you will want to share the service and a brief message. Once these fields are complete you click on add sharing profile. This will then post your sharing profile onto the Balance2life sharing service area. Your details remain secure and it is up to you to choose to share them should you find a suitable sharing partner for your particular request. 


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