When people come first, performance will follow


A people centric solution to employee feedback

  • Leverage holistic wellbeing to gain actionable insights on your workforce

  • Understand the essential elements for driving a postivie employee experience

  • Collect real time data without survey burnout

  • Boost engagement by adding interactive touchpoints

  • Give employees the workplace they want, the tools they need and a culture they can celebrate

  • Provide people leaders with the resources they need to act on their teams and learn lessons about what works and for whom

  • A low cost, scalable solution via one intuitive mobile interface



Pulse surveys are developed using positive psychology and design thinking principals so that we ask the right questions and gain information that matters


Draw actionable insights from survey data. We don't ask what your team think of senior management, we ask what they would do if they were senior management


Gain access to expert advice and the tools you need to convert insights into action and make genuine improvements to your employee experience and company culture


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Our Programs

Our suite of market leading programs combine wellbeing, rewards and recognition and feedback to strengthen company culture and help Australian workers be their very best selves

  • Employee first approach 

  • Seamless integration of current benefits through one co-branded platform

  • Multiple touch points, communications and delivery modes

  • Smart coach program powered by the Balance Breaks program module. Coaching topics range from mental health, diversity and inclusion through to reducing sugar, get active and more

  • Low cost scalable solutions through to comprehensive consulting services

  • Gamification and incentive frameworks, secure booking system, training modules, connection forums, manager hub, online training modules, connections to expert services and more.

  • Bring your kids to work initiative with a health and wellbeing theme to support working parents

  • Peer support, resources and training via our customised and secure managers hub 


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Did You Know?

  • Every kilo of muscle you gain, your body burns an extra 100 calories per day

  • Be social to boost your immune system. A Carnegie Mellon University study found that being more social upped resistance to colds and flu. While being isolated was a major risk factor in getting sick. 

  • The human brain cell can hold five times more information than the Encyclopaedia Britannica

  • Lemons contain more sugar than strawberries

  • The average person spends 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime

  • Laughter lowers levels of cortisol, adrenaline and epinephrine, which are stress aggravating hormones. It also releases feel good hormones like dopamine.  

  • Stress is one of the main factors causing insomnia and other sleep disorders. When stressors are present, the body naturally heightens its response system, thus leading to wakefulness. 

  • A full cream milk latte daily would be around 2,380 calories across the week. By cutting this out you could loose approximately 300g each week. 

  • By enhancing factors that are known to help protect people e.g. having a sense of belonging, enjoying good relationships and good physical health we can reduce the onset of some mental health problems and illnesses. A family picnic or a coffee with friends is actually good for your health. 

  • Moving around more at work has been shown to make people more creative and focused, and decrease absenteeism. Small changes like taking the stairs instead of the lift all add up. 

  • Multiple studies have revealed people who sleep less are more likely to be obese. Researchers think this is mostly due to hormonal changes caused by sleep deprivation. Not getting enough sleep stimulates your appetite. Basically, one of the most effective diet hacks possible is to get enough sleep.

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