When people come first, performance will follow


Delivering crucial coaching right in the flow of work

  • Bring together culture, wellbeing, engagement and trust – with the experiences and moments that define people’s lives

  • Utilise the power of stories to line people up behind a common purpose

  • Help people to stay connected, manage stress, and make inclusion a daily habit

  • Promote mindsets and behaviours that develop robust leaders and build capable teams

  • Cultivate capabilities to adapt to change

  • Foster a culture of trust, shared responsibility, wellbeing and safety

  • Power up core skills such as kindness, empathy, courage and resilience 



Compelling stories with powerful messages connect and engage employees on an emotional level.


Short pulse surveys combine machine learning and people science to determine the Moments That Matter.


Detected moments trigger personalised actions that nudge your people towards lasting behaviour change. 


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Our Offering

A scalable behaviour change tool to improve your leaders' core skills, line teams up behind a common purpose and lead people through disruption

  • Flexible and customisable

  • Cost effective and scalablable 

  • White labelled and accessed via one intuitive mobile interface

  • Single Sign On and seemless integrations with your favourite software

  • Team collaboration tools and real time insights

  • A holistic library of wellbeing and inclusion modules that deliver personalised and targeted micro-learning content

  • Promoting the value of appreciation and connections

  • Gamification and incentive frameworks, goal setting, progress tracking, secure booking system, training modules, connection forums, manager hub, online training modules, connections to expert services and more.

  • Peer support, resources and training via our dedicated managers hub 

  • A comprehensive information security management system (ISMS) to back up our long standing commiment to data privacy, transparency, trust and data security 


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Introducing BALANCE Breaks – Wellbeing series


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